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Mastering Number

KS1 Mastering Number 

As you begin your journey through your first year of the Mastering Number Programme, you will rapidly become aware of the strengthening of pupils number facts, their increasing fluency and a greater depth in conceptual understanding for all.

The impact of this pedagogy on numerosity, patterning and number relationships has been significant and with firm foundations having been built in our youngest children, we are seeing increasingly confident mathematicians moving into KS2.

This KS1 programme seeks to provide a mix of online and face to face support with an online Basecamp for materials, research and collaborations. We will be focusing on:

  • The staging posts for assessment in each year group.
  • Conceptual variation through representations.
  • Further development of the stem sentencing to ensure clear and precise relational understanding.
  • Deeper application of the Five Big Ideas of Mastery and how to ensure our lessons fully develop these elements.
  • Engage in research led practice.
School Commitment

Schools chosen to participate in the Work Group commit to the following expectations:

  • The school will introduce Mastering Number in all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes, in addition to their daily maths lesson (which could be shortened as a result of participation in this Work Group or replace the maths session in Reception)
  • Teachers will be expected to contribute regularly to Local Online Work Group activity, led by the Work Group Lead, reflecting on the implementation and impact of the programme, led by the Work Group Lead from autumn term 2022 to summer term 2023.
  • Participants in the project will engage in all online synchronous and asynchronous professional development, including three national live online sessions (in September/October 2022, January 2023, April 2023) and three local Work Group sessions (in the Autumn 2022, Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 terms). (Maths Hubs should decide whether local Work Group sessions are face to face or online.)
  • The school will provide any feedback required by the Maths Hub and participate in any evaluation processes required
  • The school’s leadership team will ensure attendance at programme events and will support Lead Teachers in their development of the wider staff.

School based work:

  • Each teacher (Reception, Year 1, Year 2) will work with children at least 4 out of 5 days per week, using the Mastering Number Programme to develop children’s deep understanding and confidence of additive relationships
  • Participating schools will have exclusive access to Mastering Number teaching resources that will support the teaching in each year group through the year
  • Lead Teachers in larger schools will lead planning and in school discussion/observation opportunities to support all teachers in understanding the teaching programme alongside the subject leader
  • The subject leader and headteacher will work together with the Lead Teachers to secure an understanding of the teaching programme and to inform future policy and practice development

Collaborative work:

  • EYFS/KS1 Lead Teachers, from each school, will engage in three online national sessions with the NCETM.
  • EYFS/KS1 Lead Teachers, from each school, will engage with pre-recorded support material in three Local Work Group sessions during the year, supported by the Work Group Lead

Lead Teachers will work together with the Work Group Lead in the local online Work Group to share practice, impact and challenges

This programme is now full for 2023-24 and we cannot accept any further schools. To express interest in joining the Work Group next year, please email

Mastering Number – Embedding the Impact in the Community 

Enjoyed the Mastering Number programme this academic year?  Want to join a group of like-minded schools looking to develop and embed current practice?  Click here to find out more and how you can be part of this thriving community.