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Year 7-11 Curriculum Design

This project focuses on teachers working together to analyse, deconstruct and trace through the curriculum a selected key topic area that may typically cause difficulty for pupils at GCSE.  Teachers will be supported to develop insight into effective teaching approaches, and consider the implications for longer term curriculum design, focussing on the impact of a coherent journey from year 7 – 11 to support long term depth in pupil understanding. 

The project was previously known as Challenging Topics at GCSE, but its name has been amended to more accurately reflect the work undertaken as well as to convey the importance of curriculum coherence. 

Feedback from participants: 

‘I have a deep insight into the maths that underpins specific challenging topics at GCSE’ 

‘As a result of participating in the Work Group I have developed my awareness of connections within 

the curriculum’ 

Who can take part? 

Participants should be secondary school teachers of GCSE Maths. Individuals or ideally pairs of teachers from a department participate, with an expectation that they will work with other members of their department at appropriate points. 

Schools that have participated in previous years may do so again, as developments often take place over time. 

This Work Group is now closed. Recruitment for 22/23 will start after half term.